Thursday, April 18, 2013

At All Times... Praise

                           This is my favorite song. Alaba a Dios - Danny Berrios.

                                              This is the chorus to the song:

                                                                                 Oh alaba, simplemente alaba,
                                                                                 Estas llorando alaba
                                                                                 En la prueba alaba,
Estas sufriendo alaba
No importa alaba,
Tu alabanza El escuchara

Dios va al frente abriendo camino
Quebrando cardenas sacando espinas
Manda a sus angeles contigo luchar
El abre puertas nadie puede cerrar
El trabaja para los que confian
Camina contigo de noche y de dia
Levanta tus manos tu victoria llego
Comienza a cantar y alaba a Dios

This is a rough translation in English:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Eliminate the Snakes...

I was outside raking leaves today and I was thinking about snakes. I wanted to get the leaves up because, among other things, I do not want to give snakes a place to live. Snakes will always seek out a place to hide; under leaves, a log, or a rock. I want to eliminate the opportunity for a snake to reside in my yard. 

The Lord spoke to me and said that the yard is like the heart. Of course, we need to do the heavy lifting to clean the large objects from our hearts (logs, old wood piles, bricks) which is the sin in our lives. Most of us have cleaned these up. But we must do maintenance cleaning also. We must "rake the leaves" so to speak. We need to clean up the attitudes and selfishness that clutter our hearts, smother the fertile soil, and allow the snakes (sin) a place to hide.